RETROFIT IoT commercial solution for modernization and automation of an existing buildings with intelligent management and energy savings.
Designed for luminaires, power windows, shading and other technologies.

No need to change wiring
Quick change to a smart building
High level of security

Lighting solution elements

MyIQRF Power Switch

MyIQRF Power Switch

The MyIQRF Power Switch is a kit designed for wireless switching of devices remotely, such as: controlling lights, blinds, lowering the screen after turning on the projector, or starting the extractor fan when turning on the saw or grinder in the workshop. The MyIQRF Power Switch is a kit of transmitter and switching modules. Both parts communicate using an IQRF wireless mesh network with an interoperable standard. For more information about this technology is available at The kit can be used for integrated and additional existing retrofi t installations.


MyIQRF DALI bridge brings DALI communication via IQRF wireless network. It is used to automate the control of the device depending on the level of need for power intensity / groups / addressability of light sources. Thanks to wireless IQRF IOT communication, there is no need to pull many new cable harnesses through the building while maintaining the existing cables with the same functionality provided by DALI lighting control. The solution is intended primarily for integrated and additional existing retrofit installations in office buildings, industrial halls or shopping centers.
MyIQRF Icube Gateway

MyIQRF Icube Gateway

MyIQRF ICUBE gateway interconnects individual elements for wireless communication using IQRF mesh networks. LAN connection with conversion to IQRF IOT communication eliminates the need to pull new many cable harnesses through the building when making existing cables with new functionality of direct control of terminal electrical powered elements. The solution is designed primarily for integrated and additional existing retrofit installations in office buildings, industrial halls or shopping centers.
MyIQRF Luxmeter

MyIQRF Luxmeter

MyIQRF Lux meter for automating the control of the device in position at the level of ambient light intensity. Two devices in one - twilight switch control the intense lighting and light switches at the same time when the intensity of the ambient lights is demanding - at the intense intensity of the ambient lights they trigger dimming by means of shades, blinds and awnings. Adjustable time delay values (elimination of mandatory fluctuations in light intensity) and adjustable ranges of lighting values. The solution is designed for efficient and additional retrofit installations in office buildings, industrial halls or shopping centers.
MyIQRF Direct Buttons

MyIQRF Direct Buttons

MyIQRF Direct Buttons are toggle buttons that replace the wired version when physical switches are needed. They use mains voltage and control the lighting wirelessly. The industrial variant makes it possible to control several lighting groups in one block directly in one place. The solution is designed primarily for integrated and additional existing retrofit installations in office buildings, industrial halls or shopping centers.
MyIQRF Apolon SW+Server

MyIQRF Apolon SW+Server

Secure in-house application for wireless lighting control in the IQRF mesh network, database collection of data on electricity consumption, measuring of CO2 , NOx and control of additional elements such as motorized windows or shading. Touch orientation in the application according to the internal plan of the building, user defi nition of control of device groups, using time diagrams or autonomously using luxmeters, CO2 and humidity sensors. It records the status of individual devices over time, stores them in a connected database and from stored data can export statistics of electricity consumption, etc.

Solution diagram

Simple installation process by connecting to the original wiring without the need to replace the lighting distribution wires, using the additionally connected necessary elements of MyIQRF PowerSwitch & DALI Bridge. Light control using the DALI standard enables digital control of light intensity, feedback on the status of individual luminaires and easy adjustment of the configuration when changing the way rooms are used.

This creates a lighting file that you control seamlessly in the IoT IQRF wireless network using the MyIQRF ICUBE Gateway connected to the LAN of the internal network. Scheduling of time schedules and lighting groups is done in the intuitive application of the Apolon server, which is the safest internal variant of lighting control without the need for a cloud. Remote connection and configuration can be performed using a VPN.

The control of lighting and their groups is performed by the user on additionally installed wireless buttons or using an internal application on the phone, tablet or internal website.

Automated dimming and lighting switching processes work by communicating with wireless luxmeters depending on the intensity of the ambient light.

Case study

The most important premises of an intelligent “retrofit” solution in the customer’s words:

1. Do not stop or restrict the normal operation of the commercial building for the already necessary reconstruction of lighting after more than 10 years from the approval.

2. The highest possible in-house safety of intelligent energy management of building lighting and immediate demonstrable operational savings.

3. Efficient and mobile management and supervision in the form of an application from anywhere in the world.

Our assignment for the development of the entire “retrofit” industrial solution for the modernization and automation of control, monitoring of electrical distribution technologies of the existing building with intelligent management for effective electricity savings was based on our partners with customers. These are experienced facility managers and technical management managers of shopping centers, office buildings and industrial enterprises.

Most customers operate buildings that have been in operation for 10, 15 or more years and it is very difficult to reconstruct the existing building in terms of lighting without stopping and moving out, which would cost considerable resources not only for technical renovation, but mainly for regaining tenants or reputation compared to brand new buildings that already contain intelligent control elements. retrofit industrial solution (allowed us to bring to existing buildings elements of the latest wiring such as highly safe wireless switching control and lighting control in combination with luxmeters and time schedules, ventilation control using temperature, humidity and co2 sensors, including shielding control. Thanks to the intuitive Apolon software, which uses the building’s map data, time diagrams and control of simply user-defined groups of lights, other electrically controlled elements, using existing IT technology and a mobile phone, we have obtained a simple, easy-to-use tool (mobile control room). the whole solution – without the need to disassemble or renew cable distribution.

The installation process is feasible “overnight” by disconnecting the cabling of individual lights and connecting IQRF elements, luxmeters, installation of IQRF wireless communication gateway for remote control of elements, launching a secure internal web server for configuration and control of the entire system.

It is a unique, highly safe “retrofit” industrial solution for the electrical installation upgrade of existing commercials buildings with intelligent automation elements and effective management of operational savings.

Ing. Petr Jašek, Project manager, COMPACTIVE s.r.o., Complex electrical installations


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